The world of Aiya

Utarami Aiya

「歌羅美 愛ヤ」


First Name: Aiya
Last Name: Utarami
Gender: Female 
Age: 14 
Height: 158 cm
Hair colour: Black purple
Eye colour: chocolat
Nationality: Paraguaya
Birthday: July 30 
Release Date: December 26, 2011
Favourite Food: Sushi and Udon
Likes: Oriental food, tender things, schedule, sing and draw.
Dislikes: Call him "Loli"


She is cheerful, friendly and helps all her friends when they need it, corrects them and gives advice. She is not very athletic, but she is very good at drawing and giving ideas. He's a bit clumsy and insecure when someone tells him to do something. He always strives to overcome situations in his daily life