Utarami Aiya

It is the first voice of Aiya, made in 2011

His tone is childish and tender, adapts well to several songs

The pronunciation to be the first, is fine.

Voice made in 2016

  • Resampler: TIPS
  • Flags: H30C100Y0F25B0BRE30g-5
  • Rank: E4

It is a voice made in 2011

Which is a soft voice and tender sound

Rank: F4

It is a voice made in 2012

Is a voice that adapts to several types of genres

Except in songs with powerful voice singers

                                                                                     Rank: E4

It is a voice made in 2013

The voice unlike the first of Aiya, who is very childish and cheerful

This is a little more "serious tone"                                                                                                   although the range of Aiya always comes                                                                                     out at E4

README: The range of Aiya is mostly E4, since its provider has a sharp voice and not very serious so it makes it difficult to do other types of Appends.